13 January 2021
SCANEX Released the New Version of Scanex Maritime 2.0
The new Scanex Maritime 2.0 application that has been released combines state-of-the-art spatial data visualization technologies, access to a wide range of maritime geo-services and an updated user-friendly web design.
31 December 2020
AgroNTI-2020 Contest: See You in 2021!
On December 23, 2020, the All-Russian AgroNTI-2020 contest for pupils living in rural areas and small towns was officially closed. In 2020, over 32 thousand applications were submitted by participants with over 13.5 thousand applications to the AgroKosmos contest category overseen by SCANEX and Digital Earth LLC. The video of the closing award ceremony is published here.
08 December 2020
Scanex Image Processor® Software Updated to the 5.3 Version
SCANEX Group presents a new version of one of the company's flagship products — ScanEx Image Processor® (SIP) v. 5.3 intended for photogrammetric and thematic processing of satellite images.
04 December 2020
Webinar on ForestReport, Unique Online Service For the Forest Industry, Released on SCANEX Youtube Channel
We welcome all forest industry representatives specialized in logging from large companies, as well as farm holdings to one of the most useful, especially at the end of the year, free webinars! One may learn how to quickly, easily and efficiently create Annexes to the Report on Forest Use, Reforestation and Afforestation that should incorporate ERS data.
08 October 2020
Scanex Begins Testing of a Ground-Based Receiving Station for Data Acquisition from CubeSat Satellites
SCANEX Group supported by the Innovation Assistance Foundation completes the first developing stage of ground receiving stations designed to receive data from low-orbit 10.5 GHz satellites used within the "On Planet Duty" program. The receiving station is fully prepared for testing in November-December 2020.
04 September 2020
SCANEX Offered Technical Support to Universities in Setting Up Distance Learning Systems for Students
Given the restrictive public health measures imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, higher-educational institutions in Russia were to introduce distance education for students. SCANEX Group has offered technical support providing students and teachers with trial versions of SIP and ScanMagic software.
18 August 2020
Planet Company Data Is Already Available for Ordering!
SCANEX and Planet Company have signed a distribution agreement on remote sensing data from PlanetScope and SkySat satellites.