Web-Mapping and Geo-Portals

The use of Web-GIS technology allows you to organise storage, visualisation, analysis and processing of spatial data in a single information system. Geoportal projects can act as powerful tools for data integration of any organisation and help to systematise the existing spatial and statistical information. These geoportals will not be limited by territorial scope and can be implemented on any area of interest to the customer.

The use of web-mapping services and portals allows you to:

SCANEX has extensive experience in creating thematic web-GIS projects based on ScanEx Web GeoMixer, which allows a user to create a variety of geographic information systems according to the scope and level of complexity. In particular, based on their own web-map services and geoportal technologies, SCANEX has developed:

Implementing projects in the field of web-mapping and geoportal solutions, SCANEX moves beyond the simple display of initial data and the results of their thematic interpretation and is committed to the development of systems providing for the implementation of automatic real-time monitoring data analysis on specified algorithms. At the same time, the company's technology can be easily adapted to the needs of the customer: in addition to the existing standard solutions, SCANEX experts are ready to develop new algorithms and scenarios.