FIRE SCAN is a reliable hardware and software system (HSS) for the prompt detection of fire seats in forests and agricultural lands. It comprises a complete set of products and services to timely identify fires, to estimate their scale and damage incurred and to address many other tasks.

The key FIRE SCAN component is the HSS, including:

  • UniScan™ station with 1.6 m antennae to receive data from all active meteorological satellites (Aqua, Terra, NPP, NOAA-20, Metop-A/B, FY-3A/B/C);
  • Software tools to automatically process data obtained from Scanex Terminal meteorological units;
  • GeoMixer web-based geoinformation platform to create corporate GIS and web applications;
  • Two data processing and storage servers as part of supplied equipment.

    SCANEX company undertakes to provides technical support for all system components and to deliver software updates for four years.

    FIRE SCAN system targets:

  • Forest logging companies;
  • Branches of emergency response ministries all over the world;
  • Oil producing and farming companies;
  • Environmental organizations;
  • Municipal authorities.

    The System operates as follows: four satellites (Terra and Aqua MODIS, Suomi NPP and NOAA-20) conduct a survey of the same area 6-8 times per day. UniScan™ receiving station directly acquires these data. Further on Scanex Terminal software automatically determines “hotspots” as well as fire outlines, intensity and temperature and verifies obtained results. All estimated data products are published in the integrated web application based on Geomixer software or transmitted via API.

    Advantages of FIRE SCAN:

  • High update rate: fire data are refreshed every 6-8 hours;
  • Prompt data reception: satellite imagery products are acquired within 15-30 minutes only;
  • User friendly system: its application has an intuitive interface;
  • Integration interface: the system can be integrated into external information systems (IS);
  • Remote monitoring: the satellites provide global fire coverage;
  • Cost-efficient operation: the system does not require purchasing any licenses or commercial data;
  • Web-focused system: raising awareness of fires among the general public;
  • Continuous development: regular updates improving software features and introducing new functions.

    FIRE SCAN offers a wide range of data products for fire prevention, including georeferenced databases of all detected hotspots and industry-related sources of heat (plants, associated gas flares and gas fields), fire clusters (outlines), detailed and overview satellite-based imagery, regional statistics, fire notifications and an API interface.

    For further information on FIRE SCAN system, please contact us at services@scanex.ru or +7(495) 739-73-85 phone number (the Sales Department).

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