Radar Interferometry Facilitates Obtaining Data on Earth Motion

06 October 2021
According to media reports, in the Lazarevsky district in Sochi heavy rainfall has provoked the movement of the soil causing the displacement of 20 residential buildings (8 of them were occupied) and road destruction. Gas pipeline and power electric line support systems have bent, gas and electricity supply in the cottage village has been turned off. There are no fatalities or injuries, residents have been evacuated.

Satellite monitoring, in particular, radar interferometry data provided by SCANEX Group may help head off such situations. For instance, fuel-and-energy companies use said data in oil and gas deposit development and analysis of hazardous geological processes and phenomena. Building a digital relief model of high-precision, analyzing Earth motion dynamics, as well as soil displacements and subsidence are key tasks of the field.

Radar interferometry is carried out by analyzing multi-temporal images of the same area (taken with the shift of the radar receiving antenna) using the ScanEx Image Processor® software. It is designed for thematic processing of satellite data, building a digital elevation model of high-precision, determining the Earth motion dynamics, as well as obtaining data on soil displacements and subsidence.

Key software features:

  • provides high-precision digital terrain models;
  • calculates high-precision digital models of Earth motion for infrastructure and development sites;
  • provides data on the amount of withdrawn or dumped soil during the construction and/or infrastructure facilities usage;
  • provides data on soil displacements, sinkholes;
  • provides data on areas where surface characteristics have changed: surface cracking, humidity changes, lava flow solidification, etc.;
  • calculates accurate metrics of surface volume changes within the area of interest.
  • SCANEX experts plan interferometric surveys taking into account the optimal requirements for the spatial resolution, frequency radar range, wave polarization, the baseline value and the interval between surveys, as well as the survey purpose.

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