SCANEX Presents FIRE SCAN — Online Fire Detection System

01 September 2021
FIRE SCAN is a reliable hardware and software system for online detection of fires in forests and agricultural lands. It includes a complete set of products and services allowing user to promptly detect fires, assess their extent and done damage, as well as address numerous other tasks.

Russia loses millions of hectares of forest in fire annually, flora and fauna perish, fires sometimes reach populated areas threatening people lives, while smog suffocates millions of city dwellers. According to the estimate of August 30, 2021, fire area in Russia has exceeded 8 million hectares. Approximately 10-15% of the forest in the area is burnt, said the Head of the Federal Agency for Forestry Ivan Sovetnikov in his interview with the Izvestia newspaper.

Prompt fire detection and extinction while it is at a thermal hotspot stage is key to reducing the damage. SCANEX Group has already developed the most popular Russian online service for fire satellite monitoring — Map of fires (fires.ru). Now we present FIRE SCAN — hardware and software system that includes, firstly, UniScan™ station with 1.6 m antenna that receives data from all operating meteorological satellites (Aqua, Terra, NPP, NOAA-20, Metop-A/B, FY-3A/B/C), secondly, software Scanex Terminal™ for automatic processing of satellite data from meteorological systems and, thirdly, GeoMixer web-mapping platform for creating corporate GIS and Web applications. The equipment also includes two servers for data processing and storage.

FIRE SCAN will be of use to logging companies, Ministries of Emergencies and Disaster Relief of different countries, oil producing and agricultural companies, environmental organizations and municipal authorities. The system’s working principle is the following. Four satellites (Terra and Aqua MODIS, Suomi NPP, NOAA-20) take images of the same area 6-8 times a day. The UniScan™ station receives acquired data directly. Then, Scanex Terminal software conducts fire mapping in a fully automated mode, assess fire intensity, temperature, reliability. Then data is published in the web application based on GeoMixer software and can also be transferred via API.


FIRE SCAN benefits:

- High update frequency: fire data is updated every 6-8 hours

- Prompt data acquisition: it is required from 15 to 30 minutes to receive complete ready-to-use data

- Ease of learning: web application has an intuitive interface

- Integration: user may integrate the system with external ones

- Remote monitoring: satellites provide global coverage

- Cheap-to-operate: no need to purchase licenses or commercial data

- Web-based: fire data is open to general public

- Ongoing development: system functionality regularly develops and improves with new updates


FIRE SCAN provides a wide range of products and services for ensuring fire safety: databases of all detected thermal hotspots and anthropogenic heat sources (factories, gas flaring sites, gas and oil deposits) with the georeferencing, fire clusters (contours), detailed and overview satellite imagery, regional statistics, fire notifications, API interface.

For more information on FIRE SCAN, please contact us by e-mail: services@scanex.ru or by phone: +7 (495) 739-73-85 (sales department).

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