The Geo-products for a price of one

03 Июля 2009
В СМИ (до 2012)
GeoEye products are renowned for high accuracy and good geometry of the imagery, well known among the Russian users by the IKONOS satellite data. After launching a new satellite GeoEye-1 in September 2008, the company has modified the line of the proposed products, ranging them by the level of processing and the imagery detail. Now the users do not have to select the satellite from which they would like to receive the data, but rather the product, based on the level of processing, spatial resolution and the spectral properties of the imagery. All GeoEye products are currently supplied in four options: Black & White , Multispectral, Color and Bundle.

The Research and Development Center ScanEx, which has been GeoEye’s official distributor since the spring of 2009 and has an extensive experience in RES data processing, has commissioned a fully computerized Color imagery generation process. Pan-sharpening algorithms, deployed in ScanEx Image Processor® software, help generate the synthetic color images in high definition by combining the spectral channels of the multispectral images with the high definition of the panchromatic imagery.

Providing an easier access to new opportunities, ScanEx center proposes the customers to order one product (Bundle) and get three (Black & White, Multispectral and Color) products! You can download the samples of the imagery on the R&D Center ScanEx web page and check the quality of the new products. The web page also features the information on comparing products by various properties (spatial resolution, spectral range and radiometric resolution). Additionally, you can confirm the availability of GeoEye data for the territory of Russian Federation and the states of the former Soviet Union by using Search.kosmosnimki.ru free service, which features the “one stop” space imagery selection and order services.

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