The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue forum report

28 Сентября 2011
В СМИ (до 2012)
RIA Novosti: The International Forum “The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” that was held on September 22-23 in Arkhangelsk is over. The topic of the next such event will be the environmental safety. After summing up the results of the forum and words of gratitude from the participants an official ceremony of the host party entry – the Northern (Arctic) Federal University – into the UNIGEO consortium, took place.

The N(A)FU Rector Elena Kudryashova, following the proposal of the MSU’s Geography Department Dean, Nikolai Kasimov, signed the document strengthening this arrangement. The University-based geoportal consortium was created in April by the initiative of the MSU. It suggests cooperation of Russian higher education institutions and ScanEx Research & Development Center concerning activities related to satellite imagery data.

“Approximately 20 Russian universities will receive a chance to process and to exchange satellite data. Now that the N(A)FU agreed to join this consortium as well,” – said Kasimov.

The second International Forum “The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue”, organized by the Russian Geographic Society and supported by RIA Novosti, was held on the grounds of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. It became a platform for discussion for a wide range of issues, related to comprehensive safety in the Arctic Region, transportation, development and international cooperation in this region, as well as safeguarding the interests of indigenous citizens.

“The topic of the next Arctic Forum will be the environmental safety,” – reminded Arthur Chilingarov of the words raised the previous day by the Russian Premier Vladimir Putin at the closing ceremony of the Second International Forum “The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue”.

Striking the balance Mr. Chilingarov pointed out the “professional” level of discussions and the topicality of concerns in question. In his closing speech Mr. Chilingarov stressed that “the hearty atmosphere of this forum” proves to all the Arctic nations that “we should work together for the benefit of all concerned with the Arctic region”. Chilingarov extended thanks to all the forum participants, organizers and to the welcoming hosts of this event. “Thanks to the city of Arkhangelsk – the gates into the Arctic – as we all call it,” he added.

Source: Geoconnexion (http://www.geoconnexion.com/geo_news_article/The-Arctic-–-Territory-of-Dialogue-forum-report/11692)

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