Space monitoring of industrial and domestic waste

03 Августа 2009
В СМИ (до 2012)
Domestic and industrial wastes utilization is becoming even more pressing problem each year. Today technologies for real time reception of high resolution satellite information allow efficient solution of nature management and environmental control tasks.

ScanEx RDC developed ScanNet technology for real time multisatellite monitoring of objects, processes and phenomena, which already proved its efficiency in practice and can be used, among other, for monitoring of the state and exploitation of industrial and domestic wastes sites and unauthorized landfills. IRS-P5 (resolution 2,5 m), EROS A (1,9 m), Cartosat-2 (0,8 m), EROS B (0,7 m) satellites provide high resolution imagery.

In Russia household and industrial wastes dumps continue to be the main way of refuse disposal. Arrangement of existing dumps and diminishing of adverse effect step out as the most important tasks of their exploitation. Satellite monitoring of dumps is one of the most efficient and economical ways for dump exploitation control, including detection and liquidation of unauthorized landfills.

On July 13, ScanEx RDC operating on behalf of Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation received and processed EROS A data (resolution 1,9 m) for the territory of burning chemical wastes dump located 6 km south-east of the city of Kansk (Krasnoyarsk region). The dump is placed on the elevated edge of the first terrace above flood-plain of the river Kan. Such location stipulates the high risk of dump washing down into the river. Kansk is located downstream and Ashkaul settlement is only 2,5 km south–east of the dump.

Comparison of archive and real time images allow controlling of dump exploitation. For example, the analysis of a series of images of solid wastes dump near the village of Zhiroshkino (Moscow region) taken at different seasons over the years of 2008-2009 showed a twofold increase of the dump area from 12 to 23 hectares.

Growth of the number of dumps and their unauthorized exploitation require comprehensive monitoring of the object condition with employment of not only alternative satellite information but of the whole complex of space technologies, including geo-services, in order to raise the level of operational efficiency for information transmission to the interested parties.

The tasks of the satellite monitoring of conditions at places where dumps are located are as follows:

* dump exploitation control, including dumps taken out of operation;
* estimate of the risks related to location of domestic and industrial wastes and corresponding infrastructure;
* damage assessment in case of an emergency situation and other.

Detailed information about space imagery for controlling of dump exploitation and status can be obtained at marketing@scanex.ru or call us at +7(916)390-38-17. You can also place an order for satellite monitoring of domestic and industrial wastes dumps on the basis of ScanNet technology at the same points of contact.

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