Space Business at Seliger-2010 Forum

21 Июля 2010
В СМИ (до 2012)
Two 90-minute lectures Space and all, all, all were delivered on 15th July specially for the participants of the All-Russian Youth Forum Seliger-2010 by the General Director of ScanEx RDC Vladimir Gershenzon. Several sessions (Innovations and Technical Creativity, Information Stream and You are the entrepreneur) took place from 10th July untill 19th July, where Vladimir Gershenzon shared his 20 years experience of organising and doing science-intensive business in Russia.

Can one develop national technologies, pay all taxes and still be profitable? How can a niche be occupied on the market and a new segment be created? How efficient are public-private partnerships in sphere of hi-tech and do they exist in space industry? Is the unbiased information, received during the analysis of satellite images about the forest management, construction progress or oil spills in demand today? The answers were delivered to the audience of the "Space and all, all, all" lecture on 15th July.

In addition to the secrets of doing a science-intensive business in Russia, Vladimir Gershenzon deliberated on the possibilities of modern space technology. ScanEx Research & Development Center put into practice space imagery and the technology of mastering the same. A separate image can be bought by anyone nowadays, but when we talk about a systematic monitoring of large areas or a specific process, target, a complete processing chain is required. Such a chain - from a space data receiving station to an operational monitoring centre - has been created by ScanEx Centre specialists.

For the participants of the "Innovation and Technical Creativity" session, Vladimir Gershenzon spoke about the geoportal technology of collecting, analysis and representation of various data and demonstrated the possibilities of using Earth observation images to get updated and, which is important, unbiased and independent information.

Published: GIM International (http://www.gim-international.com/news/id4852-Space_Business_at_Seliger_Forum.html)

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