ScanEx Free Images, Maps of Haiti disaster

24 Января 2010
В СМИ (до 2012)
ScanEx published detailed EROS-B image (0.7 m) of the Haiti capital area, damaged as a result of the destructive earthquakes on January 12 for free access using the GeoMixer API software interface. Satellite maps of the Port-au-Prince districts, based on the GeoEye-1 VHR data (from GeoEye-1 images captured on January 13) on behalf of the Emercom of Russia, also have been published for free access. The American GeoEye-1 satellite delivered images of the disaster area on January 13.

EROS-B image was acquired on January 17 by the order of SCANEX RDC placed to the ImageSat Int. (Israel) Operator on behalf of the Emercom Russia. The SCANEX Centre specialists using the proprietary software ScanEx Image Processor conducted the processing and analysis of data. The image was provided to UNOSAT (UNITAR Satellite Applications Programme).

Maps of the Port-au-Prince show destroyed and damaged buildings, the road net of the region and tent camps. Central and western parts of the capital suffered worst losses. Rescue team of Russian Emercom has already started to operate in Port-au-Prince.

Highly-detailed images of the impacted area have been provided in near real-time by such satellite system Operators as DigitalGlobe (USA), SpotImage (France), ImageSat Int. (Israel), as well as by the Russian Resurs-DK1 satellite operator – the Research Centre for Earth Operative Monitoring of the Russian Federal Space Agency.

You may check the free Haiti images and maps here. You may also check out these related links for more free Haiti satellite images.

Источник: GiS in Education (http://www.educationgis.com/2010/01/scanex-free-images-maps-of-haiti.html)

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