ScanEx and PCI sign reseller agreement

25 Января 2010
В СМИ (до 2012)
Russia: ScanEx Research & Development Centre and the Indian company PCI Software (www.pciindia.net) have signed a reseller agreement. Under this agreement PCI Software will distribute the complete set of ScanEx software products, designed for the remote sensing data processing, on the territory of India and South-Eastern Asia.

ScanEx Centre offers a comprehensive sequence of handling space images – from data reception to generation of thematic products and network technologies. To date, dozens of software products of different difficulty levels have been developed for ground stations control, preliminary data processing, creation of RS data archives, as well as for thematic processing of optical and radar imagery data. The most renowned software applications are: ScanMagic® (for viewing, analyzing, cataloging and processing images) and ScanEx Image Processor® (for in-depth image processing and reception of thematic products), which demo-versions are available for free downloading at the ScanEx’s web-site.

Meanwhile, ScanEx also announced a campaign on free upgrading of ScanMagic and ScanEx Image Processor software products from February 1 to March 31.

Within the frames of improving ScanMagic and ScanEx image processor software products the users, who paid for the technical support in 2010, will have the opportunity to upgrade the above applications for free up to:
— ScanMagic 2.7 — an easy-to-use and powerful software application for viewing, analyzing and prompt processing of Earth remote sensing data;
— ScanEx Image Processor 3.0 — an application for visualization, enhanced analysis and in-depth thematic processing of optical and radar imagery data, being an efficient tool for the solution of a wide range of applied tasks.

Источник: GiS Development (http://www.gisdevelopment.net/news/viewn.asp?id=GIS:N_zwdyolvcnt)

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