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05 Июля 2010
В СМИ (до 2012)
[...] Seeing 3D terrain and buildings is one of the coolest features of Google Earth. We’ve added higher-quality terrain data for many mountainous regions, as well as support for "textured" 3D buildings - meaning bricks look like real bricks, glass looks like real glass, and overall, the world looks more like the real world. It"s just one more step on the path of creating a life-like 3D model of the whole planet.

For the purpose of the project daily satellite imagery of the Russian territory is carried out with the data received at UniScan ground complexes, deployed in Moscow, Irkutsk and Magadan. At the first stage of the service testing in July only data of the European part of Russia will be used (within the footprint of the UniScan station, installed in Moscow).

ScanEx Fire Monitoring Service web-service is intended for operational reception of satellite data about the fire areas location on the Russian territory and about the assessment of burnt area and the damage incurred. In SFMS web-service the data over the past four days is displayed with daily data updating as appropriate.

Fire areas are detected based on the MODIS sensor data which is the key instrument onboard the American Terra and Aqua satellites. The sensors" sensibility enable to detect forest and steppe fires of 1ha and more in size. As a result of processing geolocated images one may delineate burning areas within a region of 1x1km in size. The SFMS service ensures the possibility to view raster images in Google Earth, synthesized in natural colors from optical MODIS bands, which enables to assess the location of the cloud cover and the possibility to detect fires in the AOIs being monitored.

To expand the monitoring possibilities the project applies detailed multispectral images from SPOT 4 satellite (resolution of 20 m/pixel) and Landsat-5 (30m/pixel), which enable to monitor the aftermath of fires and to plot the burnt areas. Detailed information on SFMS service is displayed in form of overview of all SPOT 4 and Landsat-5 passes, received by UniScan ground stations of the ScanEx"s network. Using service tools the user may select and order low-cloud detailed images of the monitoring areas, where MODIS sensors detected fire areas. [...]

Published: Map Ascot (http://ata39.info/global-high-map-resolution-satellite)

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