First Results of the Satellite-based Monitoring of Northern Caspian

04 Ноября 2010
В СМИ (до 2012)
First result of the satellite-based monitoring of oil pollution in the Northern Caspian Sea have been summed up. Starting June 2010 ScanEx R&D Center by the order of the “Lukoil-Nizhnevolzhskneft” company has been conducting satellite-based monitoring of oil spills of the sea surface near the Yuri Korchagin oil field in the Caspian Sea. The main tasks of the project are the assessment of scales, spatial properties and sources of oil pollutions in the northern part of the Caspian Sea due to the start of oil production at the Yuri Korchagin oil field.

To ensure high probability of oil spills detection and definition of their source the local network technology of multi-satellite monitoring ScanNet is used, created by ScanEx RDC, which principal elements are as follows:
— direct reception of satellite images to the ground stations in Russia and automatic processing in near-real time mode;
— use of satellites with optical and radar equipment, high frequency of radar imagery (1 image per 2 days on average) to ensure high probability of oil spills detection;
— prompt delivery of ready products via the «Lukoil-Kosmosnimki» web-service based on GeoMixer local web-technology. www.scanex.ru.

Published: Vector 1 Media (http://www.vector1media.com/news/top-stories/53-corporate-news/16549-first-results-of-the-satellite-based-monitoring-of-northern-caspian)

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