First deliveries of ScanEx Image Processor to Nepal

05 Августа 2014

Источник: EOMag

ScanEx Image Processor software (SIP) developed by ScanEx RDC started to be distributed and used in Nepal.


Four Nepalese companies all at once became new users of this software for satellite images processing. The software was supplied via the Indian dealer — SATPALDA (http://www.satpalda.com/).

“The Nepali market is quite saturated with software similar to SIP, but we foster big expectations from cooperation with ScanEx RDC. We are glad that on such a difficult market, competition-wise, we have been able to successfully offer an alternative software product, not inferior in its functionality to rival products, having the advantage of a higher performance and being user-friendly” — commented the deal Amit Seymour, of Business Development Manager of Satpalda company.

“This is a small but very significant step, confirming our intention to develop international cooperation and to promote our software worldwide. We plan to develop our presence in the Asian market, offering the most flexible and effective solutions to customers and distributors. We are grateful to our Indian colleagues for supporting us in our undertaking, “said Ilya Farutin, Head of the Ground Segment and Software Solutions Department of ScanEx RDC.

ScanEx Image Processor is the high-performance system with a wide range of possibilities for photogrammetric and thematic processing of remote sensing data.

Should you have any questions related to our software, please do not hesitate to contact us at software@scanex.ru.



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