Alisa-SC Station Managing Software

14 Июля 2009
В СМИ (до 2012)
ScanEx RDC released the new version of Alisa Receiver 2.05.68 application, which supports reception of imagery from seven operational polar orbit meteosats NOAA-15/16/17/18 and 19 (USA), FengYun-1D (China) and MetOp-A (Eumetsat) utilising small-size Alisa-SC stations.

The application along with the installation guide are available for free download (installation package is 4.51MB) under "Stations/Alisa-SC" on ScanEx RDC website.

The new functional capabilities of the application include data reception from the new operational satellite NOAA-19, automatic scheduling of station activities on the basis of set priorities and reception passes based on updated satellite orbital data. Therefore the new version of Alisa Receiver 2.05.68 will improve automation level of Alisa-SC station by removing manual operations traditionally performed by personnel.

Space data provided by NOAA meteosats are widely used in weather forecasting, climate studies, condition monitoring of atmosphere, hydrosphere and soil pollution sources; for determining ice, snow and vegetation cover properties; in detection of fires and dangerous meteorological phenomena, etc.

Unrestricted and free access to data of NOAA series satellites promoted their world wide dissemination. To allow NOAA imagery reception affordable and easy-to-operate stations were designed, their number currently reaching several thousand. The most up-to-date station of the type in Russia is small-size hardware-software complex Alisa-SC with antenna reflector of 1.2 meter in diameter.

<p style=text-align:right;><i>Source: GIMinternational (http://www.gim-international.com/news/id3921-AlisaSC_Station_Managing_Software.html)</i></p>
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