War-times retro images of Russia online

23 Июня 2010
В СМИ (до 2012)
Russia: On the eve of the Memorial Day of the Great Patriotic War times (June 22, 1941), new Russian web-mapping service “Goroda i Vesi” published aerial photos of St-Petersburg. It was captured by the Luftwaffe reconnaissance planes during the war.

According to the “Goroda i Vesi’ Project Head Maria Dorofeyeva, modern geo-information technologies enable to take a new look at the tragic events of those times. The project gives new tools for a more detailed research into the history using photos and GIS-technologies. “Goroda i Vesi” resource can be of interest both to professional researchers and school and college students.

The new social project “Goroda i Vesi”, implemented based on the local technology ScanEx Web GeoMixer, was launched in early 2010. Nowadays space images and aerial-photo survey data about Moscow, St-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Sebastopol and other cities are available on this resource.
Historical milestones in the life of the Northern capital can be tracked during the study of the city photo images of the 40s and 60s and the detailed tile images of 2007.

Contemporary satellite-based tiled images – mosaics – were created by ScanEx RDC based on IRS and IKONOS images of the past few years. Space images of the 60s were kindly provided from the archives of the USGS, received now within the frames of the declassification of the CORONA space reconnaissance program. Aerial photos, including the Nazi’s aerial reconnaissance data of the early war days were kindly provided by John Kelvin – the author of the website http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/.

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